Thursday, 26 May 2022

Food for thought - lesson plan for C2.1 students


Happy to share this lesson plan with some activities we've done in class. 
This presentation has to do with food, how our brain and gut behave when eating healthily, vegan diets, dairy, supplements...

First, a bit of warm-up vocabulary to find our bearings.

After this, there's a video explaining how our gut benefits from healthy food, which may spark a debate on different types of diets. 

My wonderful colleague, Ana Alconchel, has also contributed with a nice video full of questions to promote some food for thought on vegan diets. 

At the end you'll find an article from The Guardian which hasn't been adapted. The students' challenge after reading it is to complete the task in a form. Find the key to this task here 

Lesson plan HERE

Happy hols!

Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Global Migration


Migration is a sensitive topic which I, in order to avoid sparking a strong debate, have skipped for many years. Not this, apparently. 

Students can discuss around some ideas, and use the vocabulary list, which may come in handy. 

Next, a short video explains the difference between migrant, asylum seeker and refugee. 

The following activity is a listening from a podcast in which it is said how art can contribute to raise awareness on this issue. Here you'll find the key to the listening task

Finally, students comment on some statements presented.

Find the presentation here

Topic: Migration

Saturday, 2 April 2022


    Linking is an essential part of learning English. It is something that is always flying over us. In general we pay more attention to pronunciation skills, with exercises, but linking is usually out of the equation. However, I think it is worth practising as it improves our speeches and it definitely helps out with our listening skills. 

    That's why I decided to give some light, if it helps.